PDF On the university mall of banalitiesclick the image above to have the PDF of the book

Voici enfin la version anglaise de "Dans le patio universitaire des lieux communs" dans son intégralité et mise en page. Jordan et Le Viandier (merci à eux, la difficulté était grande) ont traduit cet ouvrage de la Cellule H1N1. Nous essaierons bientôt, à partir de cette traduction, de sous-titrer le film qui en a été tiré .

Here is finally the English version of "Dans le patio universitaire des lieux communs" ("In the university mall of banalities") in its entirety and layout. Jordan and Le Viandier (thanks to them, the difficulty was big) translated this work of the Cellule H1N1. We shall soon try to subtitle the movie, by means of this translation.

Extract : The strategic subtlety of the present western "democracies" essentially consists in the fact that they have made all the forces of resistance that have risen to oppose them simultaneously express a total approval of domination itself. This is why whenever and wherever the will to be liberated from some specific form of submission is found, one hardly ever finds anything but the demand for equal submission to the general whole.



Here is allways the movie in VF